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This e-mail list is managed by the Oregon Consumer Survivor Coalition, a nonprofit organization operating in Oregon.

Thanks to the kindness of ICORS & LSOFT’s donation of list hosting services to ICORS we are able to provide this service.  Please visit our Listserv Sponsor Appreciation page for more details.

OCSC Listserv
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TO POST A MESSAGE and/or SEND MAIL to the OCSC LISTSERV you must first be a subscriber.  Anyone can request a subscription.

Visit: http://listserv.icors.org/scripts/wa-ICORS.exe?SUBED1=ocsc&A=1

TO SUBSCRIBE by email:
Send an email to OCSC-subscribe-request@LISTSERV.ICORS.ORG

Send an email to OCSC-unsubscribe-request@LISTSERV.ICORS.ORG

Note: Persons may also be added to the OCSC Listserv by the OCSC listmaster if they signed up at an event such as Peerpocalypse, in which case they will receive the OCSC Listserv Welcome Message with details herein; these persons may also want to create a user account with ICORS.ORG allowing them to login and manage their subscription preferences online.

TO MANAGE SUBSCRIPTION PREFERENCES create a user account with ICORS.ORG by visiting: http://listserv.icors.org/scripts/wa-ICORS.exe?GETPW1 where you can enter your email address and desired password.  Next, check your email inbox for an email from listserv@LISTSERV.ICORS.ORG with a URL link for you to visit in your web browser to confirm your registration with ICORS.ORG.  After that, you should be able to login with your email address and password.  At that point, you can manage your subscription preferences by clicking the link for Subscriber’s Corner.

This includes DIGEST format options:

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With a digest subscription, you receive larger messages (called digests) at regular intervals, usually once per day or once per week. These digests are collections of individual list postings. Some lists are so active that they produce several digests per day.

Digests are a good compromise between reading everything as it is posted and feeling like the list is clogging your mailbox with a large number of individual postings.

There are three digest formats: a traditional text-only format; a MIME format, which (with mail clients that understand MIME digests) “bursts” the individual messages out of the digest so that you can read them separately; and an HTML format.


OCSC Listserv

Our nonprofit grassroots coalition promotes voice and advocacy for people with lived experience of mental health challenges.  We believe leaders, policymakers, administrators and members of the public need to hear from people with lived experience for informed decision-making and that there is significant room for improvement at all levels. 

Together, we are working to improve and/or provide alternatives to the current mental healthcare system.  Dialog is very active in our network of constituents regarding national, regional, state and local mental health policy, healthcare reform, holistic alternative approaches to achieving well-being, criminal justice reform, affordable housing, civil liberties and human rights. 

The purpose of the OCSC Listserv is to share ideas and action alerts, promote dialog and provide mutual support while working towards shared common goals, strengthening consumer-run organizations, and advancing grassroots advocacy.



Please read this OCSC Listserv Policies & Welcome Message document in its entirety. By joining this list, you agree to the subscriber acknowledgement and agreement, the rules, and legal notices in the OCSC Listserv Policies & Welcome Message document.


OCSC Listserv

A copy of the most current, active OCSC Listserv Policies & Welcome Message will be maintained on the OCSC website at:


OCSC Listserv

List Owner(s):
Laura Rose is the primary sponsor and list owner and acting administrator for the OCSC listserv.
Laura Rose as list owner, along with OCSC Board Members will have access to the list archives.
ICORS Bylaws require the primary sponsor to be a member of ICORS.

Rebecca Edens is the backup list owner in case Laura Rose is unable to fulfill duties for any reason.
Rebecca Edens may be reached by phone (503) 812-9636 or email edensrebecca@yahoo.com

Laura Rose has served as a private, paid consultant and/or volunteer for multiple not-for-profit organizations, boards, steering committees, workgroups, and/or appointed positions throughout her career.  If you have concerns or questions regarding potential or actual conflict of interest, you may inquire further with her and/or the OCSC board of directors.  Visit: https://www.UnitedVoiceForChange.org for contact information.

Rebecca Edens has served as a private, paid consultant and/or volunteer for multiple not-for-profit organizations, boards, steering committees, workgroups, and/or appointed positions throughout her career.  If you have concerns or questions regarding potential or actual conflict of interest, you may inquire further with her and/or the OCSC board of directors.  Visit: https://www.UnitedVoiceForChange.org for contact information.


OCSC Listserv

List owners must reveal to all subscribers, as part of or along with the List Policies:

a.)  Any associations or affiliations which may present a conflict of interest or the appearance thereof, i.e.
where the list owner might benefit or appear to benefit financially from their position as list owner; and

b.)  Any purpose for or focus of the list which specifically benefits the list owner.
For example, if the list owner has a significant financial interest directly or through an immediate family member in a company which sells products or services related to the topic area covered by the list, or intends to use ideas gathered from the list as part of a research project for a university thesis, then that must be disclosed.

Note that such activity by list owners is not prohibited by this provision; rather, the issue is that such activities and conflicts-of-interest must be disclosed.

The disclosure requirement does not apply to benefits which are available to all subscribers simply due to information gained from reading the list, for example saving money on purchases, reading about a job opportunity, or reading about ideas which are later used in a book (though use of actual posts from the list in a book would of course require permission of the author).


OCSC Listserv

a.) Many people have disabilities and/or limited or restricted access to the internet.  For accessibility, please send messages as regular text without markup (e.g. HTML), attachments, or code.  Links are acceptable (e.g. https://www.UnitedVoiceForChange.org).

b.) A banner shall be posted at the bottom of the messages identifying that the mailing list service is provided by LSoft:  This e-mail list is powered by LSoft’s Listserv mailing list management software.  For more information, go to http://www.lsoft.com/LISTSERV-powered.html.

c.) Our appreciation shall also be recorded on the OCSC website at:


OCSC Listserv

Subscribers are expected to follow these OCSC Listserv Policies as maintained on the OCSC website at:

Each subscriber must acknowledge and agree to the following statements of legal and administrative rights and responsibilities:

a.)  By posting to the list the subscriber understands and agrees that their message will be distributed to other subscribers via all those channels used by the list (e.g. via e-mail and web archives).

b.)  The subscriber agrees not to post to the list any message or other text from outside the list without the express permission of the author, unless the item is clearly for public dissemination (e.g. a press release or public event announcement), or is within the ‘fair-use’ limitations as set by international copyright conventions.  The subscriber acknowledges that in most cases this prohibits the posting of complete articles from newspapers, magazines, or websites, and that references to such material must generally be made through links rather than posting the full text to the list.

c.)  Subscribers agree not to quote or forward material from the list, including messages, parts of messages, or personal information of any kind, to others off-list, except as permitted by the list’s privacy policies.

d.)  Subscribers agree that they, and not the list owner, ICORS, or LSoft, are solely and completely responsible for their writings, including liability for any defamation or other similar charge, even if moderation (review of messages prior to posting) is used for the list.

e.)  Subscribers acknowledge that all inquiries related to the list must go to the list owner, that neither ICORS nor LSoft will address inquiries from list subscribers, and that repeated failure to observe this rule may result in a ban on membership in all ICORS lists.

f.) Subscribers acknowledge that information posted to this list may be forwarded off-list.  Subscribers are hereby notified and advised against posting any content or information including personal information such as contact information, that they do not want forwarded.

g.) Subscribers may not use the list to send unsolicited messages to individual subscribers that would constitute SPAM.

h.) Subscribers agree to refrain from cross-posting, posting to multiple lists, as privacy may be compromised and responses intended for one list could end up erroneously on another.

i.) Subscribers agree to do their best to conserve space and make digests more readable. This includes trimming quoted material to the minimum necessary to get the meaning across, not using huge signature files, and not forwarding material with header lines and excessive quoting included from previous forwards.

j.) Subscribers acknowledge that, while the list owners will work to enforce any privacy rules, they can not control the actions of other list members outside the list. List owners may not be held responsible for any damages should a list member choose to ignore any rules.

k.) Subscribers acknowledge that this list is an open list but the final power is bestowed to the listmaster and that any misrepresentation by anyone on the list will result in immediate removal and possible civil action.

l.) Subscribers acknowledge that any reproduction of this mailing list or its content in any format must be approved by the owner.

m.) Subscribers acknowledge that this list is unmoderated.

n.) Subscribers acknowledge that any of the list owners, maintainers, their agents or representatives are held harmless from any action resulting from a posting, by a posting, by any comments from anyone participating on this list, and any content linking to or from any posting on this list.

o.) Subscribers acknowledge that nothing on this list is intended to substitute for legal advice, medical advice, or professional advice of any kind and that you are hereby notified and advised to seek such advice from qualified professionals at your own risk and expense.  Further, subscribers acknowledge that nothing on this list is intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any condition.

p.) Subscribers acknowledge that FLAMING will not be tolerated.  Flaming is a term used to describe bullying, verbal abuse, and/or hostile message(s) directed at an individual to insult, embarrass, shame, intimidate or evoke fear.  Profanity and foul language directed at individuals is also unwelcomed. Open, constructive dialog and exchange of ideas are welcome.  Not everyone will agree with everyone about everything all the time.  Opinions can and often do change over time as people learn and share from their experiences.

“An optimist invented the airplane.  A pessimist invented the parachute.”  -Author Unknown


OCSC Listserv

A copy of the most current, active OCSC Privacy Policy will be maintained on the OCSC website at:

If the OCSC Privacy Policy is updated, subscribers will be notified.


OCSC Listserv

A copy of the most current, active OCSC Terms of Service will be maintained on the OCSC website at:

If the OCSC Terms of Service are updated, subscribers will be notified.


OCSC Listserv

LSOFT listserv manuals can be found online at: http://www.lsoft.com/resources/manuals.asp



The owner of this list is OCSC (Oregon Consumer Survivor Coalition) at:

c/o L R Misaras
P.O. Box 17548
Salem, OR

Email: webmail@UnitedVoiceForChange.org
Phone: 541-OMB-ALLY