Attend Public Meetings

History is made by those who show up! ~Laura Rose Misaras *

SHOW UP!  Nothing About Us Without Us!

We need consumer voice and involvement at all levels of decision-making to effect positive change in Oregon’s Mental Health Care systems.  Attending Public Meetings is a powerful way to get involved, keep informed on what’s happening, network with leaders and constituents, plus bring YOUR VOICE to the table.

Look on the OCSC Calendar page for upcoming events, and consider attending some of these regular public meetings by phone and/or in-person.  Many of these meetings also have subcommittee meetings in between regular meetings and you may be able to also attend and/or join those meetings:

State Legislature Public Meetings:

Mental Health Caucus (learn more about caucuses from NCSL)

Public Hearings on Bills – Check Schedules on Oregon’s Leg. Calendar and Daily Meetings Roll

Make Your Own!  Set a date with your legislators and legislative committee leaders!

State Agencies Public Meetings:

AMHPAC – Addictions & Mental Health Policy Advisory Council

OCAC – Oregon Consumer Advisory Council

CSAC – Children’s System Advisory Council

OmbudsAdvisory Council – OHP Member Services no direct link exists but chair reports at MAC

MAC – Medicaid Advisory Committee

OHA OHP Public Meetings Calendar

OHWG – Oral Health Workgroup

THW (Traditional Health Workers) Commission

OHPB – Oregon Health Policy BoardGet Involved  – Listening Sessions

OE&I CAC – Office of Equity & Inclusion Community Advisory Council

Behavioral Health Collaborative (2016)

Behavioral Health Mapping Tool (2016)

Other agencies to consider:

OHCS – Oregon Housing & Community Services

ODE – Oregon Department of Education

PHD – Public Health Division of OHA

Statewide Advocacy Organizations Meetings:


Advocacy organizations to consider:

DRO – Disability Rights Oregon – PAIMI Council

OCSC – Oregon Mental Health Consumer and Psychiatric Survivor Coalition – United Voice for Change

ROAR Alliance – Reentry

Local Government Public Meetings:

Multnomah County – AMHSAAC (Adult Mental Health & Substance Abuse Advisory Council) and DSAC (Disability Services Advisory Council) and Peer Action Council and BHUAC (Portland Police Bureau Behavioral Unit Advisory Council)

Clackamas County – MHAC (Mental Health & Addictions Council)

Washington County – BHAC (Behavioral Health Advisory Council), Re-Entry Council

Lane County

Marion County

CCO (Community Care Organizations) Public Meetings:


Regional Public Meetings:


CCO Advisory Council Meetings (for those open-to-the-public):


Do you know of more?  Let us know.  Email webmail ‘at’ UnitedVoiceForChange ‘dot’ org

(* this quote may also have been voiced by Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister 1804-1881)