Pennies for Peers Making Change Campaign

Pennies pouring out of a jar

People putting pennies in a white piggy bank

OCSCs Pennies for Peers Making Change Campaign is all about change!  Many peers need financial assistance to attend trainings, meetings, rallies, and other events to find, develop and exercise their voices – individually and collectively in a united voice for change.  We can raise funds *and* awareness by pooling resources, reaching out to our communities, and extending support — one penny, one moment, one day, one person, one community, one opportunity at a time.  O-C-S-C, U-V-4-C.  Oregon’s Mental Health Consumer Psychiatric Survivor Coalition invites you to save up your pennies, invest them in the Pennies for Peers Making Change Campaign, and spread the word about peer support and the change you want to see happen in the arena of mental health care in Oregon.