2007 – OCSC was founded

2010 – OCSC received its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status designation from the IRS. Strategic Planning Retreat Successful (Oct 19-21, 2010 at Aldersgate).

2012 – OCSC team meets with Governor Kitzhaber on June 30th 2012.  OCSC asked the Governor to support creating an Oregon Office of Mental Health Consumer/Survivor Activities, as promised in Oregon’s “Olmstead Plan,” which contain written steps for deinstitutionalization as required by the US Supreme Court. OCSC also asked that the Governor support mental health consumer/psychiatric survivor meaningful involvement in Oregon’s health care transformation.

2012 – OCSC holds pre-session Statewide Gathering on Oct 10th 2012 World Mental Health Day before Alternatives 2012 in Portland.  Over 90 people attended and Representative Lew Frederick of district 43 encouraged fellow attendees to contact state senators and representatives to move for an Oregon Office of Mental Health Consumer Activities and pledged to file such a bill himself.

2013 – OCSC advocates for an Office of Consumer Mental Health Activities in the state legislative session.

2014 – OCA (Office of Consumer Activities)  opens with 2 positions: Director and Coordinator.

2016 – OCSC convened at the Peerpocalypse Conference in Seaside, Oregon and three (3) new board members were appointed to fill vacancies.  Members attend Alternatives 2016 conference and NCMHR meeting. Office transitions to Salem.

2017 – OCSC Mailing List (re)Launched


Additional information forthcoming.

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