OCSC discusses name change

Oregon Capitol Interior

Leaders of OCSC in prior years seeing considerable overlap with NCMHR (National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery) were at one point preparing to change the name to OCMHR.  Today, however, OCSCs board members are taking many considerations into account for deciding how the organization shall proceed with a name change, if at all.  Preserving civil rights and cognitive liberties, reducing psychiatric oppression and coercion remain important issues to address.  We champion empowered voices for informed choices and ownership of outcomes.  Access to safe places for community-based respite, peer-support and drop-in centers has long been a priority for recovery and well-being.  For now, the board decided to preserve the familiar OCSC acronym and full legal name as-is for those already well acquainted until the next strategic planning session schedule in October.  If you have ideas for an improved name and/or strategic initiatives and areas of focus, please let us know by sending an email to: webmail at UnitedVoiceForChange dot org.